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Hello, everyone, how are you?
This one is actually quite different compared to my usual content. It is differing a little from only books to more bookish content and book relate things. I’m doing this because I’m struggling to find content to write about just book things, so hopefully you don’t mind the change!
For now, read on and enjoy~

My Show Priorities

So far I’ve binge-watched two seasons of The 100 (Season 5 and 6) and an entirely new season of I am Not Okay With This, all in one week. In doing so. I started, watching the Originals and binge-watched 7 episodes but got bored by the too fast-paced but lack of anything actually happening- no offence to the Orignal fans. In doing so, I’ve actually neglected my blog, my Instagram and everything else in my life to binge-watch my shows. Why do I do this?

Books I’m Currently Reading

Honestly, I was so excited to read this book… then I wasn’t going to read this book at all. Then I suddenly got this BURST of motivation to read. Long story short, I’m currently reading Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte. I’m only two chapters in, but it’s currently sitting on my shelf and I’m so excited. It was a bit rocky at the start, and a bit jagged with all the perspectives- but I’m hooked.

I also have been wanting to read the Selection for literally a few years, however, when I finally decided I wasn’t going to buy the book physically and I was going to get it on Kindle, I was 100% let down by the quality of writing and left it on 7%. I should at LEAST get it to 50%, however, it was just- eh. Not as bad as Grace & Fury, but still not great. Perhaps it is just the introduction, but I couldn’t do it.

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Journaling Updates

None. I have done next to none. Okay- that’s a lie. This week I did do a little- a Harry Potter one. Spoiler alert, but I got to nearly finishing it… and dropped it. Finished it. Didn’t do anything more to it. Why am I like this?! I am better this, yet I am not. I’m rambling- the point is, It’s not done, so I can’t even upload it to the blog, so it’s like it’s not even there. Might as well be.

For the Wreck This Journal- It’s literally become such a big thing for me lately that I haven’t been able to do anything for it- because the next for pages are going to take a while, as I don’t have the time, which is the same for the 1 Page At A Time journal.

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Amount of Times I’ve Wanted to Cry

Maximum amount- ready for a meltdown.

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Thank you all for reading, I do hope you enjoyed.
Today has been a different one, like I said, my blog is going to stray a little from only bookish content forawhile- or forever- I’m not entirely sure. But I hope the change is good. If you enjoyed today’s update/post, please comment down below. If you don’t want to comment there, you can go to my Instagram or my Twitter.
See you next time x


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