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I’m Dreadful, I know!

Okay, last month I missed quite a few posts, despite vowing to post more posts. I aimed too high, and I’m dreadfully sorry, readers. Honestly, life has been quite chaotic and I’ve hit a bit of a wall- I don’t actually know what to write on here? I feel like I’ve written everything. And if I write more tags or interviews then you’ll be overloaded! But I have no idea what else to write, truly.

I have tons of reviews to write but I just have no words to write them, it’s in my head but when I go to write the words, the words won’t flow. It feels jagged and unnatural. Even now, when I feel the words to actually write something I know I’m not meant to be writing because I’m listening to a lecture- an important first lecture- oops! With that being said, the first day of my new courses has started, and I just realised how intense it is going to be- four essays in one course- not to mention the other.

It is not an excuse, however, I do feel the need to remove Sunday from my schedule as I have decided to admit defeat. I realised from the day I said I was going to post, to the day I admit defeat- today- I hardly ever actually got around to posting on the day, and it was quite stressful double-posting on both Sunday and Monday. So alas, my reign of barely-terror has come to an end.

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Don’t worry, guys, I will definitely figure out what to post. Even if it is less ONLY bookish posts and MORE lifestyle posts (the outrage). Also, say goodbye to Sunday posts, it was good for while it lasted.
See you next time x

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