Goodreads Predictions: The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

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Today we are doing the famous ‘Goodreads Predictions’.
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Now, the rules are pretty simple: Find a novel on Goodreads, and predict what you think the novel will be about. Whether it will be a good novel, or a bad novel. What the characters will be like, and where the plot will go.
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The Grace Year

Title: The Grace Year

Author: Kim Liggett

Publisher: Del Rey

Genre: Young Adult; Science Fiction > Dystopia; Fiction

Pages: 416

Goodreads Rating: 4.16 / 5

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The resistance starts here…

No one speaks of the grace year.
It’s forbidden.
We’re told we have the power to lure grown men from their beds, make boys lose their minds, and drive the wives mad with jealousy. That’s why we’re banished for our sixteenth year, to release our magic into the wild before we’re allowed to return to civilization.
But I don’t feel powerful.
I don’t feel magical.

Tierney James lives in an isolated village where girls are banished at sixteen to the northern forest to brave the wilderness – and each other – for a year. They must rid themselves of their dangerous magic before returning purified and ready to marry – if they’re lucky.

It is forbidden to speak of the grace year, but even so every girl knows that the coming year will change them – if they survive it…

The Grace Year is The Handmaid’s Tale meets Lord of the Flies – a page-turning feminist dystopia about a young woman trapped in an oppressive society, fighting to take control of her own life.


Things I don’t want:

Honestly, to begin with, I do hope it isn’t focused male perspective, that would be dreadful. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but I find it so hard to relate to novels with male perspectives and find them interesting. It’s odd, I don’t know why, but that is just me.
I do have a feeling though that it will switch between perspectives, between the girls in the wilderness and the males in the village.

I do hope this novel will be good because I also have a feeling it will have a lot of filler chapter of male perspective discussing what the females will be doing, instead of what the females are actually doing. Another thing I hope this novel doesn’t do is within the filler chapters, create unnecessary backstory of the previous history. I know it is necessary, but too much creates boredom, and I feel as though this is where I will put down the novel and forget about it for a while.

Things I want:

One thing I do hope for this novel is that they create some mythical creature, or even some arena-type battle they have to face- something like the novel The Prey by Tom Isabell or The Wicked We Have Done by Sarah Harian. Where it technically isn’t an arena, but you can’t escape, and these creatures- more so in The Wicked We Have Done- appear at their worst moments, and at any time. I thought of these creatures because of Percy Jackson, however, I could be entirely off the mark.

Another hypothesis could be like Throne of Glass when Aelin couldn’t control her magic in her anger, and it would be unleashed on her enemies. I wonder if this novel would play into that, like the women in the forest would have to battle their own magic, as if it were their own creature/enemy trying to destroy them.

Either way, I am beyond excited to read this novel, and I have a feeling that I am entirely off the mark with both these hypotheses. I have already bought this novel, and I am yet to open it. So, when I do, I will let you guys know and give you a juicy review!

Rating Predictions:

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That is all for today, thank you all for today. I do hope you enjoyed! Today was fun, and I am actually so looking forward to read this novel for myself, as I have it on my shelf (that was an accidental rhyme but I’m leaving it in).
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