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Hello Everyone!
I’d just like to provide a little update to my blog, right now it feels as though it has been in a rut, or as though it has no direction. Perhaps it may seem as though my posts has random updates with no clear consensus as to the theme.
Well, with the new year I’d like to fix that, truly! So I’ve decided to truly take to work with fixing my blog, so you might see my blog posts being a little late on occasion- but do not fret! You will always get a post on the day, I am just trying to not rush crappy content, and instead take the time and push the deadline further back. Now I’d going to address a few things in points just for clarity.

1. NSFW Content

I am an adult- hardly- but still an adult. I do enjoy the finer content in life, and not just YA content.
With this being said, I do read adult genres and I would love to review them, but I’ve been too afraid of the backlash (and my mother reading my posts). Because of this fear, I have been excluding a large proportion of my library out of my blog, which is why you do not see reviews as frequently as I’d like to post.
To fix this, I have decided to mark NSFW reviews, rants, tags, or any posts with any severity of NSFW content with the tag ‘ADULT’. If you view this and you are not an adult, please view at your own discretion. If you prefer not to view this type of content on my blog, please do not click away, as I would still be frequently posting my SFW content. Thank you! xx

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2. Specific Content for Days

Right, so I wasn’t quite sure how to word this, but I love the idea of doing Mondays for creative journaling (as I’ve been trialling already for the past month) where I switch out each journal every week.
I haven’t decided further yet, but I was thinking of designating another day of the week specifically for another type of content, just so we have a regular stream of feed. Personally, I just love the idea, but with the regular stream of feed, each week is different. But I want your feedback too!
I was viewing this with other bloggers, and some do Wrap Up Fridays. Where they wrap the up the end of the week by talking about their blog or discussing other bloggers and Bookstagram.
I love the idea, but I would want my own idea to be original. So it would take some time to think through, where I could stay consistent but keep it original each week? If that makes sense. What do you think?

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3. Sunday Uploads

I have now decided to upload on Sundays! I decided 3 times a week wasn’t enough, and now have increased it to every second day~ I’m so excited to spread my writing joy. Of course, if I do get too overworked, you may miss a Sunday post here and there, but generally, it may stay consistent with posts. Get ready, my lovely readers! One day we will reach daily posts and constant stress!

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That is all for today! Guys, I am so excited to update my blog and get writing for the new year- I have already started planning January’s blog posts for the entire month! I know guys, December hasn’t even finished yet and I have jumped the gun. I am just so excited!
Please tell me how you feel about these updates, as my blog is dependent on your feedback! Comment it down below, and if that doesn’t work for you my Instagram and Twitter will be down below too! See you in my next post xx


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