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Hello, everyone~ How are you?
Today’s blog entry is for all the bloggers out there, whether you have a popular blog and have run out of ideas, or a new blog and you’re not sure where to start!
This took me a while, and if you’re a regular to my blog you’ll notice that I actually have completed quite a few of my own suggestions on this list. So feel free to use my post as a guide.
That’s all I have to say for now, read on!

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1. Interview an author

2. Book review

3. Book haul

4. Currently reading

5. TBR (to be read) novels

6. Favourite genres

7. Least favourite genres

8. Favourite book covers

9. Pottermore results

10. Novel pros and cons

11. ‘On my shelf’ tag

12. Classical novel bucket list

13. Book recommendations

14. Blogging tips

15. How to fight writer’s block

16. How to get into the mood for writing

17. List of writing prompts

18. Guest posts

19. Reasons why you started a blog

20. Interview a fellow blogger

21. Tips and tricks for new bloggers

22. Where to find prop items

23. How to set a photoshoot

24. The first novel you read

25. Writing playlist

26. 20 facts about you

27. Open letter to (someone)

28. Tag Collab

29. If you liked (blank) you might like (blank)

30. Characters you hate

31. Tropes you love

32. Tropes you hate

33. Bookish pet peeves

34. Top (number) bookish gifts

35. Favourite quotes

36. Novels I want to read by (author)

37. Bookworm problems

38. How to review a novel

39. Reader must-haves

40. Blogger must-haves

41. A day in the life of a blogger

42. Favourite bloggers

43. Favourite Bookstagrammers

44. Q&A

45. Top (blank) underrated authors

46. Top (blank) underrated novels

47. Favourite fandoms and why

48. Series you’re obsessed with

49. Series you wished you didn’t read

50. Create a list of blog ideas

Thank you all for reading, that is all for today! In the future when I complete all of these myself, I’ll definitely make another one. However, it might be significantly shorter as thinking of blog ideas is a difficult task- let alone fifty of them!
As always, if you’d like to suggest your own blog ideas, feel free to comment them down below. If that doesn’t work for you I will list my Instagram and Twitter where you can comment there!
Thanks, see you in the next post!

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