Where to Find Cheap Novels in Australia

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Today we have a compilation of sites that have
very cheap novels! Now, these are all Australian stores, but I’m certain most of them are universal and ship to all countries! So I hope you guys enjoy, read on!

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For this, I am going to provide three different comparisons on a singular book. This comparison will be used on the popular, YA fantasy novel- Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.
This is just a randomly chosen book, and if you want more comparisons I can provide them at a later date. However, this should be fine for now!

These prices are not fabricated or calculated by me, I googled book stores and chose the top three links and typed in ‘Throne of Glass’. However, it demonstrates exactly what I am trying to convey- the average price of this book is very expensive.

Comparison: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Robinson: $17.99
Angus & Robertson: $17.99
QBD Books: $17.99

1. Thrift Books

Thrift Books’ Price: Good Condition- $4.79au
Shipping: Free shipping over $10


  1. Significantly cheap novels
  2. Reasonable shipping
  3. Over 7 million titles
  4. Frequent discounts
  5. Bulk buying available
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2. Booktopia

Booktopia’s Price: $13.25
Shipping: $7.95


  1. Fast Delivery within Australia
  2. Pick up available
  3. Frequent promotions
  4. Over four million titles
  5. Have won a plethora of awards
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3. Bookdepository

Bookdepository’s Price: $13.50
Shipping: Free delivery worldwide


  1. Free worldwide shipping
  2. Orders are dispatched within two days
  3. Cheap popular novels
  4. Hardbacks, softcovers & CD-Audios available
  5. Offers significant discounts
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4. Biblio.com.au

Biblio.com.au’s Price: $1.51
Shipping: $6.95


  1. Rare books available
  2. Profits go towards building libraries in communities in South America
  3. Extremely cheap prices
  4. 30 day guaranteed return policy
  5. Club discounts
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5. AbeBooks.com

AbeBooks.com’s Price: New- $13.08 ; Used: $1.49
Shipping: $0.92


  1. Significant book discounts
  2. Cheap shipping
  3. Hardcovers and softcover titles available
  4. Textbooks available
  5. Significant discounts of textbooks
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Now I have chosen these sites, compared to other more popular ones, as I truly believe it will save you a significant amount of money if you are someone like me, who buys tons of books.

However, keep in mind these are Australian sites, in Australian prices. So, these sites may not work for you, or the prices may be different compared to which country you are from.

Now, if I had more money, I’d personally purchase a book from each site and give you a physical comparison on these books. Like, I have honestly have roughly $40 in my bank account currently, and I got paid yesterday. Too much information? Probably, but I felt it was necessary to put in this disclaimer. I am a broke University student, so cut me some slack!

That’s all for today! Hopefully, you guys found some sites that has all the books you like to read! Personally, my favourite two sites out of the five of these are definitely ThriftBooks and Book Depository!
If you guys have any more sites to add, feel free to comment down below. If that doesn’t work for you, you can go to my Instagram @in_another_realm or my Twitter @inanotherrealm1
See you in my next post!

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