Bookish Interviews: Interview with @booktris

As someone who is new and upcoming in the Bookstagram community, I have made it my mission to not only focus on improving, and growing my own blog and Instagram, but aim to help others in this community. Because of this, today I am interviewing a fellow Bookstagramer/Writer who, on Instagram, goes by @booktris. Triston, the face behind the novels is an avid reader who I had the pleasure of meeting.

1. Before we begin I’d just like to thank you for allowing me to interview you for my little humble blog. Our first question for today is an easy one: What are you currently reading?

It is my absolute pleasure! I am currently nearing the end of the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and going to start Solitaire by Alice Oseman next.

2. What inspired you to create a blog and/or review novels?

It was actually Booktube, I found Booktube in early High School and fell in love. I didn’t, however, start then, but once I finished school I took a gap year before I started studying. And, in that year, something just inspired me to start my Bookstagram. Soon enough, I met some of the most amazing people and I formed part of an amazingly diverse community that I can’t imagine my life without now 2 years later.

3. Do you have any novels you regret reading?

I do, yes. I regret reading Eragon by Chrisopher Paolini. It was an utter waste of my time. I also regret reading the much-beloved Catcher in the Rye, which for me, was a huge mess. I’m sure there are a few more.

4. What is a novel you have read that you personally hated?

I don’t generally hate books, because I feel like a story is a part of someone who wrote it, as I also write stories. But, one does come to mind, and that is 13 Reasons Why. I hate that book and had numeral issues with it.

5. How do you set the scene for a photoshoot for not only your novels, but for your personal photos?

It depends on my mood, but I make sure there is a lot of sunlight and I try to incorporate bright and happy colours.

6. Have you collected items to shoot with overtime without any desired purposed, or did you go out and find them? If so, where did you find them?

I use whatever I have in my room, actually. But I use a lot of stationary and a pile of loose book pages that I have collected over time.

7. What are your tips for reviewing a novel?

Try not to rant, even if you hated the book. Try and point out what you love, and constructively criticize what you didn’t like. Avoid bad words and getting nasty to the author/publishers and other readers.

8. Biggest pet peer amongst bloggers?

Definitely some of the arguments and fights some get into, as we are supposed to be a loving community. I also strongly dislike this thing of fishing for followers.

9. Have you ever received a significant amount of negative feedback concerning a review you posted?

Yes, I reviewed 13 Reasons Why, the book and series and received so much negative feedback that I had to remove it. I also received some negative feedback on my Throne of Glass review.

10. What is something you wished you did earlier, but didn’t?

I wish I started using Goodreads earlier and also signing up to NetGalley earlier. I also wish I had started using a follower meter earlier because it helps organize my account and get rid of spam accounts and bots that mess up my stats.

It was a delight to interview a fellow Bookstagramer, and if you’d like to check out his Instagram, follow him at @booktris.

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