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Bullet Journal: Hello January

Hello, everyone! How are you?
Today we are completing another bullet-journal entry! I am beyond excited to discuss and show this entry with you. Before I begin, I would like to mention I did get this inspiration off a photo I found on google, however, with a quick reverse google search I think I found the creator, and I will link them down below!
That is all, now read on!

Stay Glam:

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  1. A bullet journal (Or any journal that is either plain or lined)
  2. A sharpened pencil with an eraser
  3. Coloured markers/texters
  4. A ruler
  5. Gel pens

Where to Buy:

These items can be found in the following places:

  1. Art stores
  2. Newspaper agencies
    In-person store*
  3. Typo
  4. Reject Shop
  5. $2 Store
    In-person store*
  6. Kmart
  7. Officeworks

Suggested Buys:

  1. White Out
  2. Black Fineline pen
  3. Highlighters
  4. Scotch tape
  5. Fountain pen
  6. Smudge tool
  7. Stickers
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Creating the Final Look:

Step 1: The Title:

Let’s be real and honest here, every bullet-journal I’ve completed, I’ve had to do the header/title several times. So, the question is, why would this bullet be any different? It took me four times, the first time the letters were just odd looking, then they were even worse, then I had to fix the ‘hello’ because the title was wonky, then I realised the ‘b’ in February looked like two ‘o’s stapled on the back of a camel. Then I modified that too. Finally, the title was as complete as it was going to get, and I left it alone.

Step 2: The Vines:

This was frustrating to complete, as I had to re-do the shape of the vine so many times, then I had to re-do the actual shape of the leaves because they looked dreadful. I didn’t manage to re-do all of them, as you can see with some of them, but most of them are better. Then there was the struggle of the purple flora/flowers, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it was. It took many so many tries! I literally, and actually removed many of these flowers just because I couldn’t do it.
Once I was done the vine, I then completed the two little leaf vines on both edges of the pages.

Step 3: The Colour

This was my favourite part, as always. First I began with the title. I was initially going to fill it in with purple, however, I realised it might make the page look too vibrant, so I went for a black shade. Then I added colour to the vines, starting with the leaves before adding the purple to the flora. Finally, with the same purple colour, I shaded the title, giving it a hint of colour.

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  1. The vivid colour
  2. Purple fade in title
  3. Blend of colours
  4. Leaves and flowers


  1. Not enough items on the page to cover dots
  2. Need more variety of floral


To begin with, I absolutely just adore this page, my favourite part is the blend between the solid greens and the pop of purple colours. I also love the shading I added in into the title, I feel like it takes away the boring black, and adds a bit of vibrancy it otherwise wouldn’t have.
However, with all this being said, I can’t take away from the fact that I absolutely adore the leaves and flowers. I really gave it my best shot this time, and I feel like it really demonstrates in some areas.


There aren’t many dislikes I can find on this page, however, if I was being nitpicky I would put out the fact that there isn’t quite enough stuff on this page to truly cover the dots, so it does take away from the main feature of the page. Other than that, I feel like I needed more variety of floral/fauna items, but I am still a learning drawer, it is a miracle I got this far with the help of many… many people.

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That is all for today, thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Today was short, but very fun to complete. It was unlike any of my previous bullet-journals, as it was purely decorational. Alas, it doesn’t matter. Creativity doesn’t need to have a purpose. Anyway, as always, if you enjoyed today’s post, please comment down below. If that doesn’t work for you, you can go to my Instagram or my Twitter which will also be linked down below.
See you in my next post x


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