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Wreck This Journal | Pages 1-5

Hello, everyone~
Surprise! I bought a ‘Wreck this Journal’!- I mean, I bought it a month ago but here I am- finally getting around to being able to do it.

This is basically a photo montage where I show you my progress throughout this book, with before and after photos!

Now, this first entry will be especially long because I have to get through the introduction and such, but after this, it should be smooth sailing in going through my progression of completion! Now, go and read on, enjoy~

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

The Instructions:

Nowwww- let us begin with filling in this journal~

Page One: Filling in the page numbers

I really don’t have much to say about this besides the fact that I had already begun to write the page numbers on the book when I read what the first page was about, so it worked out in the end!

Page Two: Cracking the spine

Why. You monster. Whoever created this wanted to watch the world burn, because as I sit here in eyesight of the cracked spine, all I want to do is buy another book so I can have it in pristine condition again. My heart will never heal from this monstrosity.

Page Three: Fifty shades of red

I loved creating this, I love the look of colourful swirls filling a page. For this, I used both texter/marker and gel pens, however, 2/5 of the items I used didn’t actually work, which is why you can see some ink fading, or growing darker as I went into the swirl. Alas, it doesn’t look as good as multiple didn’t colours, but not enough to make it a regretful decision.

Page Four: Slobbing this page up

This hurt my soul, and took quite a bit of time, actually. I thought I’d just drop a bit of water and be done with it but it is actually so hard to control liquid. I attempted this with a straw, sucking up only the littlest bit of liquid and let it drop on the page, only watch the floodgates open onto this page. 7 minutes later, it was dry… ish.

Page Five: Releasing your anger

Honestly, I didn’t even hesitate with this one. Usually, I’d be so morally outraged by blatantly destroying a book so aggressively, but today I was pretty down for it. But, I did just finish a day’s shift at work with shitty customers so perhaps I did have a little bit of pent up frustration that I needed to expel.

That is all for today. To be honest, there wasn’t much writing to be done for this because each page was pretty simple. However, as we get more into it and things get progressively harder- or more creative- I’ll definitely write tons about it!
For now, if you have your own ‘Wreck this Journal’ comment down below. If that doesn’t work for you I’ll link both my Instagram and Twitter down below.
See you next time!


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