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Bullet Journaling: Weekly Goals

Hello~ How are you?
This entry today is a unique one, that I attempted to make it very vibrant and a stark difference to the other entries I have created. I personally think I achieved this, despite how messy it may look.
Now, I’m going to stop rambling and let you guys read on!

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  1. A bullet journal (That, or a lined/blank journal)
  2. A sharpened pencil with an eraser
  3. Coloured markers/texters
  4. A ruler
  5. Gel pens

Where to Buy:

Each of these items can be found in the following places:

  1. Art Store
  2. Newspaper Agency
  3. Typo
  4. Reject Shop
  5. $2 Store

Suggested Buys:

  1. White-Out
  2. Black Fineline pen
  3. Highlighters
  4. Scotch Tape
  5. Fountain pen
  6. Stickers

Creating the Final Look:

Step One: The Measurement

Like every other bullet journal entry, I first began with measuring the header, leaving a two-dot space between each side of the page.
Then I had to decide how many sections I wanted. This includes both the initial square for either a checkbox or a place to put the date, followed by how many goals I want for each week. For this, I only put two, but you can place as many as you want.

Before you trace the squares, I’d advise you to draw little dots, or lines spacing out across the entire page for what you want to do. This is so you can get a rough idea before you fill in, because erasing and redoing everything every time will get irritating, and leave traces of your previous measurements.

Step Two: The Tracing

Next, I had to fill in the lines, beginning with the header. After I had drawn it on the page I actually skipped a step and filled in the words because I wanted to get a rough idea of the spacing I would need.
After that, I obviously filled in the rest. Quite simple, really!

Step Three: The Colours

Yes, you heard it, we are already at the fun part! Adding in the colours. As always, I did the header first because that is where the centre of the colour is and will be used as a guide for the rest of the page. For this, I did blue, using a texter/marker to outline the square, before I used a blue pencil to fill in. After I shaded in with black/grey to add the little triangles for dimension.
Then, I did the squares and rectangles (Check/date box, and the space where you fill in your weekly goals). There wasn’t much colouring in to do for the main part of the page, as I hadn’t added much decoration, as I wanted to eye of the page to be the background.

Step Four: The Background

Finally, I grabbed my three main colours pens- blue, pink and purple. Using these three main colours I grabbed as many colour variants as I could before I could to work. At the top is used blue to go with the header, before It fades from a purple to pink. I loved creating this and I think it really pops with the page.

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  1. The colourful swirled background
  2. Plain formating
  3. Easy to create
  4. Usable


  1. Swirls aren’t really neat
  2. Messy header


Honestly, I just love it. I love the colourful background in a swirly format, and I love how it is such a simple design but yet it stands out the most. It was super easy to create and despite how creative and decorative it is, it is still usable.


I could’ve tried to do the swirls neater, but after a while, my hand started to get sore and my swirls got a bit messy. I should’ve stopped and taken my time, but you live and you learn. Otherwise, my only other flaw I can initially see is how messy my writing was for the header. I should’ve done it more carefully.

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Thank you all for reading this unique blog entry today! This took a while, but it was well worth it and was quite enjoyable to create.
If you have any tips or ideas for more bullet journal entries, feel free to comment down below! If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to go to my Instagram or my Twitter. Details are below!


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