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Bullet Journaling: Mantras

Hello, fellow creators! How are you?~
Today’s entry is about my personal mantras, about positive thinking and my goals in life. They are also about who I want to be as a person.
This idea came from Pinterest again, however, the mantras were my own personal idea. If you’d like to do this, feel free to, or you can do what I saw on Pinterest- ‘things that make me happy’.
Either way, I hope you enjoy reading through this and my attempts at being creative~

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  1. A bullet journal (Or any plain/lined journal)
  2. A sharpened pencil and an eraser
  3. Coloured markers/texters
  4. A ruler
  5. Gel pens
  6. A black pen

Where to Buy:

These items can be found in the following places:

  1. Art Store
  2. Newspaper Agency
  3. Typo
  4. Reject Shop
  5. $2 Store

Suggested Buys:

  1. White-Out
  2. Black Fineline pen
  3. Highlighters
  4. Scotch Tape
  5. Fountain pen
  6. Stickers

Creating the Final Look:

As every other bullet-journal, I started with creating the header for the page. Outlining it, before drawing with pencil the ‘MANTRAS’ title.

After that, I measured out how large I wanted the ‘I CHOOSE TO BE’ before I created the squares. 3×3 with a 1 dot-gap. I wanted fifteen squares, as that was the all the mantras I could think of, and separated them evenly. I was going to draw a picture underneath where the fifteenth gap is, but couldn’t figure out what to draw, neither did I have the skills.

Next, I drew the lines where the words would go, then I wrote out everything. I started with writing out “I choose to be”, then next I wrote the “my mantras”, following this, I wrote each of the mantras. This took quite a while as I attempted to write as neatly as I could, without creating a smudge (darn left-hand! It’ll be the death of me).

Finally, like every other bullet journal, I coloured it in with pencil, texter/maker and gel pen.

I wish I could write more, however, this was a very simple, and quick bullet journal, and yet it might be my favourite.

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  1. The colours
  2. Promotes positive thinking
  3. Clean writing
  4. Neat, no mistakes
  5. New bullet-journaling concept


  1. I could’ve created more mantras
  2. ‘My mantras’ could’ve been written neater
  3. Less boxy writing
  4. Marker on the other page showing through


I cannot stress this enough, I adore the colours I used in this. From the blue in the header to the blue writing. It is a gorgeous colour and really makes this page pop.
I also feel like the idea of this, supporting and promoting positive self-thinking, as well as forcing myself to think about who I am, and who I want to be.


I dislike how I wrote the ‘My Mantras’ section below the header, It wasn’t needed and came off super messy, compared to the rest of the page. I could’ve added something decorative underneath, or just perhaps left it blank. Regardless, it is the worst focal feature of the entry.

EXCEPT! If you couldn’t see, my next bullet-journal entry is on the other side and it is the bane of my existence because it nearly entirely ruined this page.

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That is all for today! Thank you for viewing my blog entry, this took not as long as I thought it would, and I love the colours I used! Besides that, I am deeply sorry this entry is small, I couldn’t make it any larger if I tried.
Regardless, if you’d like to add your own idea or give any tips, feel free to comment down below. If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to go to my Instagram or Twitter. Links are down below!

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