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Bullet Journaling: Disney Challenge

Hey guys! This entry is kind of messy but a great way to keep track of how many/which Disney movies you have seen.
Personally, I could check off almost every single one. However, I am using this as a way to keep track of what my boyfriend and I have seen!
Now, hopefully this gives you some inspo to do it yourself! Enjoy!

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  1. A bullet journal or any plain/lined journal.
  2. A sharpened pencil and an eraser
  3. Coloured markers/texters
  4. Coloured pencils
  5. A ruler
  6. Gel pens

Where to Buy:

  1. Bullet Journal: Scour your local ‘Art Store’, ‘Newspaper Agency’ or your local ‘Typo’
  2. Pencils and Erasers: Local ‘Art Stores’, ‘Newspaper Agency’ or ‘Reject Shops’ (AKA $2 Store)
  3. Markers/Texters: Local ‘Art Stores’, ‘Newspaper Agency’ or ‘Reject Shops’
  4. Pencils: Local ‘Art Stores’, ‘Newspaper Agency’ or ‘Reject Shops’
  5. Rulers: Local ‘Art Stores’, ‘Newspaper Agency’ or ‘Reject Shops’

Suggested Buys:

  1. White-out
  2. Coloured Pens
  3. Black Fineline Pen
  4. Highlighters
  5. Scotch Tape
  6. Fountain Pen
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Creating The Final Look:

This one took a while to create. To begin with, I had to gather as many Disney movies as I could find- for this, I have chosen the classics- and put them in order. Sadly, once I finished the list I realised I had forgotten some crucial movies but that is why I left extra squares on the side.

Next, I measured how big I wanted the title (Let’s not stay on the title too long as I am totally cringing as I’m looking at it) before I measured how many squares I needed, with the spaces in between. Honestly, I did two long lines for the rows, and then connected them. Following this, I used an eraser to separate the squares. This seems like a very long way to go about it, but as I was measuring the squares, it worked out.

After this, I skipped a step of filling it in and went straight for using my gel pens to fill in the squares. I did this because I was procrastinating, not because it was vital to do so. You can do it in whichever order works for you.

Finally, after much dread, I filled in the titles of the movies. I actually didn’t go in order of title. I filled the smallest titles in first to get a rough idea of how big I wanted the font so I could fit everything in. Then I eventually made my way to the bigger fonts so I had a more natural flow. Despite my many attempts, my hand was too sore to create a neat page. After all the squares, doing the page title and then the movie titles- I was done.

After this, I coloured the title and attempted to decorate. My attempt was adding horribly drawn balloons in (To signify the movie UP).

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  • Colourful
  • Clear Disney theme
  • Simple design


  • Messy hand-writing
  • Mistakes in title
  • Smudges


My favourite part of this bullet journal would have to be the little balloons. That’s about it, to be honest. Despite this, it is widely clear I cannot draw.


I honestly forgot to wipe out where my pencil markings were- oops! But that isn’t a big deal, it only ruins the photo just silently if you nit-pick it.

Messy-hand writing. I wish I had neater but even if I took the time to carefully write it, it would still end up terrible.

For some final tips, I’d advise you to actually make sure you do the titles with pencil first, even if it takes much longer. Use a ruler to keep the words straight. And finally, always- I mean always– make sure you have extra squares for the forgotten/left out titles!

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Thank you for reading this blog entry today!
This was a very simple but time-consuming bullet journal entry and was quite slopping.
However, in my defence, I have terrible handwriting so even if I took my time, it still wouldn’t be star quality.
If you have any helpful tips on improving not only my own bullet journals but any tips for anyone else creating bullet-journals, go ahead and comment down below!
If you do not want to do that, feel free to go to my Instagram @in_another_realm

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