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Bullet Journaling: To-Be-Read Bingo

Hello! Thank you for clicking on this post. This is the second blog entry for this series of bullet journaling and hopefully one of many. This will include photos, ideas, tips and tricks and a how-to guide to creating your very own bullet journal!
This will also include pros and cons, as well as highlights and dislikes to get a truly in-depth view into creating a journal.
Now, let us get started!

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1. A bullet journal
2. A sharpened pencil and eraser
3. Markers/Texters
4. Pencils
5. Ruler

Where to Buy:
1. To find a bullet journal, scour your local Art Store, Newspaper Agency or your local Typo.
2. You can find these at your local Art Store, as well as Reject Shop or local grocery store.
3. See above.
4. See above.
5. See above.

Suggested Buys:
1. White-out
2. Coloured Pens
3. Black Fineline Pen
4. Highlighters
5. Scotch Tape

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Creating the Final Look:

Firstly, like the previous journal, I outlined the top and bottom header. Following this, I then outlined the words, evenly spreading it across the page. If you are wanting to only do one header, whether that is the top or bottom, feel free to do it. Whatever makes you comfortable or sparks your creativity.

Secondly, I gathered my ruler and pencil again and carefully measured the outlining square, making sure I would be able to have an even amount of dots between for the bingo squares.
If you are wanting more, or even less, bingo squares, you are going to have to measure that yourself.
But for me, I used a 5×5 square for the individual bingo squares, and a 5×5 bingo format for the overall amount, as you can see.

Now, it truly depends on what you are wanting to do, but I personally liked the clear and plain format of the squares, but if you are wanting to stretch your fingers and go for something creative, you could always go with different shapes, designs or even colours. Unlike my plain, grey squares. Whatever works for you.

Finally, all you need to do is gather your texters/markers and pencils and carefully colour in the squares. Don’t forget to use your ruler, because once you start to fill in, it is very difficult to remove or fix.

From here on out, the final touches are up to you! Whether little designs around the border or decorations you want to add!

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  1. It is a clean look with a fun wide design. Large squares for filling in and a plain background for marking the squares you complete.
  2. Easy to individualize and create, requires little effort and looks great!


  1. Once again, texters/markers clearly show through the page.
  2. Not too creative, unoriginal design


My favourite part of this journal is how easy it was to create. I also loved how smooth the lines came out, minimal errors and I adore the banner design/colour.


I dislike how it doesn’t stand out. I wish I took more time and energy to create a more decorative background. Possibly even just creating a simple banner around the page.

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This is all for today! A simple yet cute design for a TBR Bingo.
I hope you enjoyed reading through the process I completed in creating this, and if you have any ideas to improve this design, feel free to share it with me.
If this gave you any inspiration, feel free to comment down below, and if any of you complete your own bullet journal, share it with me in the comments with a link to the photos!

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